Take care

It's been a crazy year....

Fire, Covid pandemic, and death of loved ones ...

Hope you are taking care of your mental and physical health.

Reach out if you need help. If you have no close friends/family, there are many organisation out there that can help.

This is not final and we won't be like this forever.


It's kind of sad hearing the SMAP members are breaking up and now half are leaving Johnny. I just hope they can still find work even after leaving the company. Knowing how difficult this company can be (blocking TVs and Magz if they don't follow its rule), I'm slightly pessimistic. But hey, who knows ...
ohno wink

Growing old?

Time sure does fly ... while at times I do want time to fly, there are many other times that I want it to go slower (while eating good food for one :D ). I'm counting down to my long service leave ... 3 years to go! feels really old that I'm actually accumulating long service leave but at the same time, it feels good to have a long holiday coming up.

Not sure where or how I want to spend that leave but going to Japan is defintely on the list. Hopefully this time I can see an Arashi member in person or maybe even go to the concert. I've never been to any concert, not a fan of crowds. But I think Arashi concert will be my only exception. Now the prob is how do i get their tickets ...